'Paddo Timmy' wrote something - again

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Re: 'Paddo Timmy' wrote something - again

Post by CrowsNest » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:11 pm

Anyone that has been around the dysfunctional circus that is the Wikipedia Sucks site knows how destructive interpersonal attacks (and a failure to properly moderate interpersonal attacks) can be. It diverts threads and ultimately ends in a steaming puddle of chaos.
Is it relevant to your newfound peacemaker persona that the current feud over there is basically Eric vs. the rest, and everyone attacking Eric is basically saying shit I've been saying for years? Even Ritchie!

In other words, yes, I am ready to accept you sponsoring my return to lead the flock. :D

I shall forgive everyone who admits having cast out the One True Prohpet on the duplicitous word of the panty sniffing Judas Ecsargot.

Jake will of course have to be burned at the stake. We're a little past November the fifth, but there will still be some festivities this weekend, for sure. You septics would know a thing or two about that British tradition, if you didn't let Eric and his toxic crew OWN the living shit out of articles.

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