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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:53 pm

So loose these wikipediots are with language, like "zero percent." It is certainly not impossible that the Gnat is of Dutch ancestry, though we could assert the No True Dutchman argument.
No, there is indeed not zero precent, and I remember my father was in a BCC radio program long, long ago. It should have been in 1951, 1952 when he studied by Tolkien.
And do you know how they found out he was not a Englishman? Because he had not any accent! His English was too clean, too perfect, too polished. Because at the end, there where two of Tolkien's pupils, Tolkien asked, who is from aboard of the two ?
O, my mother told this over and over this story to us, she was so proud of him!

But: The professor is living for years in the states, has done a serious study English in Holland, and mabey he has done the same like I do, collecting typical American frases. Like for instance this collection:

*now turned into a full-blown crisis
*Davy Crockett’s “Ol’ Betsy”
*I will never darken your doors again.
*It's where the rubber hits the road.
*a massive clusterfuck
*a pile of shit edited by total fuckwits.
*aren't run by a bunch of stooges

And so on, I have list and list of it, I only have to work it out.
So, judge yourself what the changes are Vig is a Dutchman, but anyway, there simple too much piece of evidence agains Drmies/ Natuur12 to be a coincident in my opinion....

But it was only a pool............ :mrgreen:

And someting stinks here.
Around Timmy boy, Drmies, Natuur12 and Vigilant hangs a penetrant and dirty sewer smell, that is 100% for sure.....

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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by ericbarbour » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:56 pm

Abd wrote:
Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:10 pm
The Gnat has been quiet lately. Did someone step on his tiny wings?
Shhh, don't disturb him, he's sleeping....

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Graaf Statler
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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:06 am

He, Abd, you have wake him up!
A lot of those jobs won't come back.
Small restaurants, for example, don't typically have deep financial reserves.
Bad news anywhere Vig, but our government has decided to pay 90% of the labor costs of companies with a max of incomes around 10.000 euro a month.

But he Vig, in this time of crisis I hope we still can count on the generous gifts out of America to keep our proud chapter in the air.
The chapter what is bringing us with waving pirate flags, horny gender chicks and Romaine=>Wikimedia a taste of the American style how we have to run our society in a responsible social justice way.
Because we simple can't afford it us to have that bunch of lunatic all at once back in our social funds in this time of crises.

And now fuck yourself or Timmy the lying troll and get lost with your for ever based on nothing accusations and get the hell out of Holland with your wikishit. Before we boot you out in the hard way.
Or fuck Alexander, the man with that little nice kiss of Chelsea on his little willy who did such a great job with his SanFanBan tool, and who you admire so much obesely.

You are a fucking lying trol and I am not joking, you are less than the first tramp in Het Vondelpark in Amsterdam in Holland.
Jerk what you are!

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Graaf Statler
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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:38 pm

The last news of Vig...]

Yes Vig. Indeed , this crisis will hurt deep. Worldwide.

And imagine if people and companies will stop donating! And the Free Copivio Foundation has no money anymore to pay all that gender chicks, free loaders, thieves, frauds and lunatics anymore!
That will give world wide a bust on the unemployment numbers, Vig!

My Grandmother (mothers side) told me often she was dancing in the twenty's all night and was wearing out a pair of dance shoes in one night. They had a private cook, a driver, a householder and a maid Yes Vig that was what both my grandparents had, form mothers and fathers side.
So incredible rich was my famaly. They had fancy cars, made holiday trips trough whole Europe, and than came......

First the crisis, and then the war and they had...........nothing anymore. Only the pictures I still have are left.
I am born in a tiny appartment in Amsterdam Vif, we had nothing, we where poor. But my daddy had his talent. And in that way, and because of the rest family are also fighters we are now back on track again! A crisis proof, but unfortunate not corona proof.

But generations after 60, 70 years always make the same mistakes and start dance all the night, Vig.Till the dark clouds appear on the horizon. And then they are sorry and in panic, just as you are now.
Abd and I are old enough to know this happens form time to time. You not, you have always been a fool and a joker.

Lenard was also old enough to understand what would come one day Vig.......

Timmy boy is right, new changes will appear, but this world afterward will never been the same Vig. This virus will turn out to be a complete game changer!

But Leonard gives us also comfort, there is a crack in anything, that's how the light gets in, also in this crisis.

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Graaf Statler
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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:06 pm

15% seems very realistic. I'll be very interested to see the new weekly unemployment numbers for new claims.
@Timmy, you say 15%, I say 20% next quarter for the US of A. And we will slipping in in a massive crises of at least 4 years before we see any recovery.
I think Azia and Europa will make a much smaller dive because of the state controlled systems and will recover sooner because of that. And I think the EU will survive in a other form, with much more independency and freedom for the European states.
About American politic I am very pesimistic, dunno how it will ens up. Disintegration of The US of A? Is posible, has happened also to the USSR.

A bed?

100 dollar? What do you think? 100 dollar to the Boston cat care of sweet Molly?

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Graaf Statler
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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:57 am

One Grand Unified Kook Theory? :roll:

For your autistic one track mind maybe, yes.

And because of your mental handicap, you are a autist and it is complete insane to let a person like you doing anything with social engineering.

You have not any qualification for that. Or any feeling, talent for that.

But still we see insane armchair diagnose after armchair diagnose.

With not any qualification in that direction. Not any Vig! You are no medical specialist, hell not!

Your one track mind is spinning and spinning, but you can find not one single argument why I should be wrong.

Because I am not, you know that dammed well, but will never admit that.

Autisme you know, it is a handicap.

So, you get autistic temper tantrums. Behave yourself like every autist, I have seen so many on WP in all these years, Vig.

You are a danger on the internet Vig, you are as dangerous as a blind bus driver.

Crow is not autistic, other blind bus drivers have driven him away. Not me, Vig.

You know this all dammed well.

But still keep on gaslighting.

Why Vig?

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Graaf Statler
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Re: Vigilant!!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:26 pm

I was speaking of the Dutch lunatic.
He's becoming more and more unhinged.
It's honestly worrying.
I will not denier you are intelligent, but your autistic brain is not able to understand what both Abd and I say or write, Vig. And now you are playing the fool. You know dammed well both Abd and I are complete right.
Because, as you can see, you have not one single argument. Not one Vig! You even want to do what is something of the lowest, fighting with a old man. Because you can't win with your brains!
Tell me where I am wrong in what I claim, come over and discuss that with me as a man, and not as some chicken hided between a keyboard and a nick with a big mouth filled up with only gaslicht and lies!

So, tell me Vig, what is the legal difference between my The Free Bicycle foundation., and the "The Free Copyvio Movement" you are defending with commander James Alexander on the bridge of a Fifth American fleet vessel with the pirate flag in top who has entered the Dutch harbour of Rotterdam.

With exiting crowd of people on the quays waving with there pirate flags crying for free source stuff.
With in front the immense in Europe populair politician Julia Reda, the politic scientist Dimi, the even Harvard rewarded legal talent Gerlach and Romaine with his broken camera with a black spot in the middle for the pictures, the same he used for the Atomium. And of course Doktor James if someone pass out.
Who is now in the frontline of a real medical war and for sure has no time anymore for his lousy wiki crap. And hopefully does a good job and grow up now.

You are invited by both Eric and me, Chicken what you are from your safe WO for a five round full contact internet battle! O yeh!
Maybe my body is weakened in the years, but my brains not my friend. You in your native language and with your fancy education, I in a language I learned on the street and with one year succesfull kindergarden as only education.

That would be a good start, mister chicken!

(Auteur, Romaine, vrije licentie, Commons, dunno what is wrong with Romaines camera. The shutter? Something with the meta date so high quality night picks of de Brusselse Grote Markt all get the same meta date of his mobile? weird!)
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