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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:53 pm
by Abd
There have been some discussion of Wikipediocracy user Vigilant here. His activity on Wikipediocracy shows much that sucks about Wikipedia critique: it easily becomes personal attack.

This can come from blaming problems on Bad People, which aligns, then, with a plan of action: Get Rid of the Bad People and All Will Be Well!

It never works, but because of the time scale, few notice this.

In any case, on Reddit, Vigilant went after Jimbo Wales, hammer and tongs. I wrote about it here. That comment is currently member-only, I'm considering opening it up, and how to do that. [note:opened up, see below]. I don't want to turn this forum into yet another flame furnace, as it had become for a time. However, this is also a core issue, and Wikipediocracy's long-sustained support for Vigilant -- actually protecting him from critique -- is an embarrassment to the community. On Reddit, in that Wales AMA, he was creamed by the community. Attack like his simply was not tolerated. I commented there, briefly, responding to a question about his identity, and he then turned the flames on me, completely ignoring niceties like topics and relevance. Not surprising for him.

And I'm taking the opportunity to make more easily visible exactly what Vigilant is, if anyone cares to look. The documentation is on my blog, and one remarkable showing is that about the only support for Vigilant has come from Smith brothers throwaway accounts. He's keeping marvelous company, all while appearing to believe he is the King of Critics and nobody better mess with him!

[note added] And this attracted the attention of some 'pediots. See Vigilant goes after Jimbo hammer & tongs on Reddit AMA

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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:24 pm
by Abd
Now, the method to my madness. Vigilant has deflected any evidenced critique in the past, by calling it "wall of text" and by depending on the tendencies of far too many on-line participants to go for quick reaction and to not actually read carefully, checking sources, etc. Looking back over my contributions years ago, I would say that, for the audience, I wrote too much, and that what I'm doing now is far more effective, hypertexting. I.e. presenting summarized polemic, with linked evidence if anyone cares. If they don't care, they would also not read a post with all the evidence in place.

It's quite clear that Vigilant is irritated as hell by what I'm doing, he rails at me as if it is cowardice to not engage with him in situ. But "in situ" is a place where it's all irrelevant, and even if it were relevant, I would still hypertext it. It actually took me way too long to realize that I needed my own blog, and creating that allowed building an audience and support, including financial support.

Vigilant is fully displaying what it is to be a troll. There is no redeeming value to his Reddit ravings. It is pure attack. And responding there, more than minimally, will create a shitshow and communities reject shitshows with "a pox on both your houses."

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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:35 pm
by Abd
Fascinating. I think this is working. Vigilant appears to be setting up an exit where he can claim he had the "last word." Of his last three Reddit comments, two have been total irrelevancies, non-sequiturs. And, of course, I'm not responding to those on Reddit, though I am mentioning them on my blog and here.
In comments on the post on Strelnikov's blog:
I'm a very good driver, yeah...
And his latest comment on the WiA blocked user thread
Have you seen my baseball?
One comment, I wasn't certain, but two, I think this is transparent. It is not offensive, other than being off-topic.
Vigilant Reddit watch.
WPO account contributions (requires registration) -- of his last five posts, three have been related to this self-important boring and always wrong ABD.
I like numbers but I am far from a "numerologist." Even the Rats never went that far.

Heh! I answered his baseball question by PM. Nicely, nothing offensive. What do you think I got back? Wanna see it? Screenshot available.

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Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:21 pm
by Abd

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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:17 pm
by Abd
Vigilant has long been very active in Wikipedia critique, starting on Wikipedia Review, and continuing on Wikipediocracy. Critique of his posts there is probably what led to my ban from Wikipediocracy in 2015. Vigilant has established himself as someone who can criticize anyone, but anyone who criticizes him is an idiot or shitheel or worse. The recent exchange on Reddit demonstrated that, and also showed how to shut him up in a public forum, but he's protected on Wikipediocracy. So it is no surprise that he strikes back there, with his usual. And how Wikipediocracy handles that shows us much about that site. I covered the first responses in
And now, another post on WPO.
Vigilant Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:33 pm
Additional Boring Drivel is all wound up. He's got three threads about me on the front page of sucks. Living rent free in your head there, Dennis. Dance, monkeyboy, dance.
As usual, the only facts stated are wrong. First of all, the Front page of Sucks is here. It shows the latest post in the various discussion channels. There are two listings there, but actually only one post, because the first post relating to Vigilant, about his trolling of Jimbo Wales, was in a members-only forum, and I moved it to this channel, because there was no reason for that to be member-only, that was an error. But a redirect was left and that keeps the display up in the members-only channel. Or Vigilant was not referring to that at all. He almost never provides links for his rants. Then, in this channel, there are two posts. One is that original post and then one is this. Not three posts by any stretch. But Vigilant will always exaggerate, it's part of his MO.

As to the rest, that's his imagination, and the reverse would be closer to the truth. This topic is a small part of my posting here. I have been the focus of almost all of Vigilant's recent posts on Sucks, and almost all as well of his recent rants on Reddit. He's obsessed, but he's always been like this. Looking back at my last contributions to Wikipediocracy, I found this thread where he was on full display.

The troll lost on Reddit, retreated to his bridge, and is running his mouth there, claiming to his claque that he won.

. . . just how it looks to me, my "personal reality." There is, beyond that, social reality and ultimate reality. By not caring about evidence, Vigilant operates only in his personal reality, and with a limited social reality that is isolated from most of humanity, and as to ultimate reality, he has no clue.

How do others here see this all? I see nobody on WPO who confronts Vigilant. Used to be different, at least a little, see that thread. I commented there and, of course, was in short order banned (without warning) -- though, in fact, my comment was about tolerance of gross incivility on Wikipedia, and Vigilant's name was redacted.

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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:31 pm
by Abd
Of course he continues. Again, folks, let me know if you want to see this. I could put this on my blog, instead.
Vigilant ยป Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:15 pm [public copy]
lol (link)
It appears that CMAwatch is using Sucks to pursue a personal agenda not related to Wikipedia criticism. Am I correct in that?
Hypocrisy, thy name is Abd.
Pot kettle black. It is hypocrisy to ask a question based on what becomes obvious with evidence presented? But thanks for the link!

Randy from Boise then makes a weird comment. What was cited was my discovery of evidence a topic of discussion on Sucks, presented with only enough context for it to make sense, and then a conclusion ("point"), which he frames with "You nailed it, Abd, you heavy-handed, self-important, power-hungry, big-mouthed dumbfuck!!!" In other words, even while agreeing with me, he's part of the Vigilant claque. "Self-important" is meaningless projection, "power-hungry" has no examples, "big mouthed" means what? I speak up? And "dumbfuck" is common from the 'pediots, many of whom are not the smartest bulbs in the pack. Those who consider evidence compilations "walls of text" can be expected to miss a lot. What phpBB creates is lengthy pages with low content density. Structural problem. Vig then plopped this in that sewer:

Vigilant Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:06 pm [pubic copy]
Another long screed from the monkeyboy. I stopped posting on wikiinaction when you stopped shitting it up.
He's lying, and the record clearly shows it. But he knows that most 'pediots won't look at the record, which is why they remain 'pediots instead of joining reality. He was the one "shitting up" WikiInAction, and I refused to expand that shit, taking all substantial response to my blog instead. Twice, on Reddit, he was driven away by clear response that did not garbage up threads.
Hypocrisy, thy earthly representative is Abd.
He is repeating himself and it's unrelated here. He cannot survive in ordinary communities, only in the protection of Wikipediocracy.
BTW, since it's been a few days and you still haven't figured it out, "Have you seen my baseball?" and "Yeah, I'm a good driver..." are not random nonsense. You should try the google, boomer.
1. I know the memes, and the point, the way they were used, remains. He was bailing from the discussion. However, I also read things in many ways and PM'd him from the baseball comment. It was banter. He used it for more insult and attack in PM. Useless trolling. His MO. One-track mind, hatred and contempt. My point.
2. Not a boomer, I'm older than that. Again, Vigilant will use any insult he can think up, and his brain is devoted to it. As I wrote, some find it entertaining, and my warning is that this is dangerous, and it feeds hatred.

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:23 pm
by Abd
Heh! I was pretty sure that the WPO topic linked here was public, but it may have been made private, it certainly is now. So I'm putting this on [url= ... &oldid=264, here[/url]. That is massaged wikitext and I haven't bothered to clean it up, but one can follow the discussion. Links to the individual posts should be to a permanent version, because the page might be courtesy blanked. This is to make the content available for critique, not for attack-by-Google.

Re: Vigilant!!!

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:49 pm
by Abd
Most recent Vigilant posts have been his reaction to being confronted by me and Strelnikov, obviously he is what he says about others, "butthurt." However, today he began making comments not about me. I'll be listing them here so that others can see exactly what he does. (ABD means that the comment contains an Abd reference.)

(As this was updated, it became quite long and has therefore been moved to a blog page, ... /vigilant/). Comment is open there as well as here. The honest are not afraid of reality (even if they don't know what it is or will be), but cowards lie and hide behind anonymity. It's always been that way, but the internet vastly increased opportunities.
The list will continue to be updated there, and eventually the juicy bits may be compiled for another post here.

Anyone may do this.

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Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:30 pm
by Abd
I'll keep adding those links because it takes up little space. Two of Vigilant's comments are marked "ABD" because they were not about me, but were used as coatracks for attempted trolling.

"snip video of cold fusion supporter" that video is of a Democratic candidate in a recent debate, talking about love in place of hate. I'm the only cold fusion expert around here, so he is connecting me with love, which inspires him with contempt. Then he posts another video "let the hatred flow." He is sooo visible.

"They probably sat in on several of Feynman's lectures though, so we're good." Again, I am the only Feynman student I know of involved with WP. So this is again contempt, pursuing his standing claim of my idiocy. In fact, that was two years of lectures, the only time he taught undergrads. What an opportunity! Cal Tech! 1961-63. I left to pursue something more important to me, but came back to science when first banned on Wikipedia. Real science. Peer-reviewed review in a mainstream journal. Yes, on cold fusion, the real science, not pseudoscience or wishful thinking (of which there is much). Vigilant is totally aligned with the contemptuous haters on Wikipedia.

Re: Vigilant!!!

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:59 am
by ericbarbour
You're nailing him good--this is actually too much detail.

If the Vig cares to come over here and discuss it, I'll give him a special account. (But of course he won't. The coward.)

PS: I suspect that the Reddit user "anti_pope" might be David Gerard or another RationalWiki user. He rants and screams about fascism, when he isn't posting assorted crackpot ideas about science.