Wikipediocracy can't seem to figure out what they believe in....

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Wikipediocracy can't seem to figure out what they believe in....

Post by ChaosMeRee » Wed Dec 20, 2023 10:36 pm

Well this is all pretty amusing..... ... =6&t=13281

The Russian chapter of Wikipemedia has shut down because Putin.

Apparently we happy band are supposed to be celebrating that fact, because we are the HTDers.

For a start, rather obviously, this event does not mean Russian Wikipedia has gone away. So nothing to celebrate there. Russian speakers still have to choose between state propaganda and Wikipedia propaganda.

Furthermore, this only makes it easier for the Foundation to extract more money from gullible donors, or seek allies in Congress. So no, no bunting will be unveiled here at Sucks, not as a victory for HTD anyway.

It is worth celebrating though, because as we know from our inbred cousins of Wikipediocracy, these national chapters are nothing but havens of stupidity and grift.

That's what they claim about the UK one anyway. But I see no reason why the Russian chapter would be any different. After all, where would the Russian Chapter get their inspiration and training from, but the very same place the UK chapter did? The mothership.

And Russians are hardly less corruptible or more intelligent than the Anglo peoples. America sure saw to that. When you look at that very American product Wikipedia, it isn't hard to see who was behind Russia turning away from being a land of poets and social democrats, and headlong into a future of rampant corruption and naked aggression.

Rather amusingly though, rather than be consistent, the Wikipediocrats are clearly having a hard time figuring out what they're supposed to think about this news. Putin is bad, but so are Wikipedia chapters. What a conundrum.

Affecting their decision making is of course the thing that is always uppermost in their minds. What will the Wikipedians think? They are clearly terrified of being seen to be supportive of Putin in any way. They definitely know Wikipedia editors are a simple breed, incapable of nuance. You're either with them or against them.

It is, in a word, pathetic.

Show some backbone, you pussies.

Own who you are.

Don't change or hide your opinion of Chapters now that doing so would be inconvenient to your need to fit in with the thing you love the most. Wikipedians.

Oh, too late. Zoloft has already chimed in....

Trump would take over the Foundation because the Foundation are anti-Trump.


So, to be clear, you're sure that Trump couldn't claim such a move was being done to ensure a vital arm of American democracy, the world famous anti-fake news antidote, was rid once and for all of the corrupting influences and general incompetents that have been regularly exposed by the so called experts in Wikipedia's dark corners?




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