Do Wikipedia editors know the difference between making a joke and being a complete joke? (Red-tailed hawk @ RfA)

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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Do Wikipedia editors know the difference between making a joke and being a complete joke? (Red-tailed hawk @ RfA)

Post by ChaosMeRee » Sun Dec 31, 2023 11:59 pm

Oh boy. Sometimes I just LOVE being a Wikipedia critic.

Sometimes the stars align and you are blessed with seeing something in the runes that everyone else missed, and YOU LOOK LIKE A GOD.

How auspicious that this occurred on a very celestial day.

So prepare to worship me, pitiful huuuumans.

Red-tailed hawk is at RfA, and he's sailing through. Yes, intentional.

There is admittedly much hilarity in Tamzin declaring the candidate isn't capable of telling a lie, when she is at the center of the backstory to a hilarious Q5 where she is clearly being blindfolded, having a massive penis rubbed all over her face and being told by all onlookers at the RfA after party that she's being kissed by an elephant. Still, the happy ending is that there was a happy ending, and where there was once penis, there is now a red animal with a beady eye. No wait. Oh, never mind.

It's not half as funny as the fact Girth Summit already pulled this exact same comedy routine, with an even more obviously bullshit justification for his own amusing but offensive username. The joke was way longer and involved way more characters. Bravo. And he got to keep it, because his name is not just clever, it's really clever. And he was really attached to it. I bet he is.

Perhaps someone needs to go visit him and give it a tug and slap it with a dead hawk found in a child's yard, see if he's as attached to it now as he was back in 2019. Which is clearly a very long time ago in Wikipedia land. Caution. Some comments age better than others, and a Wikipedia post is for life, not just for Twixmas. But then again, Drmies has always been an unfunny prick.

But hey, when it comes to Ladies Night at the Discord Disco even that's probably mere entry level humor that the chuckleheads of Wikipediocracy could come to appreciate, with some cue cards and shit.

Side bar while we appreciate the dark humor in an Administrator candidate believing that dealing with repeated page blanking is run of the mill doesn't need thinking about chill out stuff. Maybe someone wants to see if there's a way to turn that into an exploding custard pie for the man at the knowledge convention in the penis-hawk costume. KUKAAAWWWW! Watch the Mighty Crow saw. Wait. Where did that come from? Sorry, think I blacked out there for a sec.

Did you spot the Easter egg? Come on. They're in the shops already. Tis the season.

Oh, all right. I'll slow down and take you through it line by line.

My interest in this RfA was really beaked when I noticed someone had tried to hide something from prying eyes. What's that, someone said, from 50,000 feet. Not that dead body in the river. That, over there.

It was none other than a User named Smokefoot (A user with 67,333 edits. Account created on 18 December 2005) making a reasonable point about how a person should be on Wikipedia in pursuit of the mission, not fun. Hoo boy, did that go down like a fart in a goldfish bowl. He was mocked relentlessly. Then shot. His body covered in tarpaulin. Caution. Some of this post may contain dramatization for comedic purposes.

But what's this? Peeling back the skin off his by now very dead body, and shooing away the carrion peckers, I found a very surprising forensic trace. Something called a wipes mud off object a....User page? Dunno. Me neither.

Turns out this man was an expert. Get this, because it's fucking hilarious....
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I mainly edit pages describing chemical compounds, especially inorganic, organometallic, and organic species. My favorites contain sulfur. I am a highly imperfect copy editor, so I am not bothered by having my English polished and especially welcome having my chemistry corrected.

My continuing focus remains on industrially significant compounds and boring topics like laundry detergents and waxes and related goopy stuff. Such themes are often overlooked since most editors are more familiar with academic topics, whereas our society and environment are more strongly influenced by the industrial-scale applications, for better or worse. Much of my content comes from Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, which appears to be authoritative and objective. Another interest is specialty reagents, with an eye toward increasing the value of Wikipedia for the synthetic chemist.

I am professionally associated with technical journals and book series, many of which are cited in my editing, but these relationships result in no financial rewards (unfortunately) to me. If editors have concerns that my edits "cross the line," please say so. Only rarely have I cited my own work or work by colleagues and friends.
Get it?

Me neither.

Properly fucking boring, innit? Not. Fun.

Now, fuck that guy and his mission, I'm off to join the ... *rubs eyes* .... dude!... eighty four (84) editors who partied all night making the Wikipedia article Wikipedia Star Trek Into Darkness debate

Where are they? They must be somewhere cool.

Quick, tell me where they are......


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