A short story I wrote for my language arts class

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A short story I wrote for my language arts class

Post by eltomas2003 » Sat Jan 22, 2022 6:21 pm

Samuel Gu
Mr. Reynolds
Language of Humor
A meeting of two souls
Samuel gripped the steering wheel of his Lexus IS as he raced down Highway 101, attempting to catch up to his rival Marcelle who commanded a Renault Clio. His body tensed as his car blurred down the traffic at 250 km/h, even a single mistake could be fatal at that speed. But right when he was close to victory, that momentum his wheels generated ground to a halt when his Lexus smashed into a semi-truck. His wreck flew across the air as the glass shrapnel and the twisted metal impaled his chest mortally wounding him. The once stellar student met an ignoble end in a vain attempt to gain recognition of his peers.
When his eyes opened, his vision didn't blur in and out. When he cried out for help, nobody answered him. When he tried to move out of the lump of scrunched metal, he simply glided away, as if there was no metal encasing him in the first place. Outside the car, he saw the sunlight illuminating the crash site. News helicopters swirled around, disgruntled commuters balked at their delays, and there was Samuel's body. Even for someone who studied dissection, it was unnerving. What was once Samuel was a limp, blood-sodden ragdoll, his face in a permanent state of aghast, as his vital fluids trickled down the upholstery of the car.
"I am a shadow of my former self”, Samuel said as he viewed the scene of the catastrophe. Among the droves of autos dashed to their destination, one car stood out, it was a bespoke piano black hearse, it resembled a Rolls-Royce silver spirit, albeit with the spirit of ecstasy replaced with a mysterious figure clad in a hooded cloak, gliding forward grasping a scythe. A figure climbed out of the hearse's driver's door; it was a skeleton wearing a black hooded cloak. That cloaked figure slowly walked towards Samuel.
“Hello, my friend, it is me, Death. I am your accomplice to your new home. It is truly a pleasure to meet you.” Death spoke as he offered his hand to Samuel. Samuel, knowing that he had little left to lose, shook it. Together they walked to the curb where Death’s hearse was parked.
When Samuel climbed into the hearse, the scent of fresh cowhide and cashmere wafted in his nose, as he marveled at the interior. It was like going back in time to the 1920s, the supple leather and wood were all tastefully done in black. Even though the cabin lacked many of the many features that are common in today's luxury. It didn't detract from the quality and the comfort offered inside. As death took the driver's seat, Samuel felt the upholstery embrace his wispy body as the hearse cruised down to what seemed like a hill. Samuel was just about to ask why they were going offroad and where they were going until death replied inside Samuel's head. "I am here to bring you to the place where you are mandated to come, given your actions and the upper council's judgment, I am only instructed to bring you there and introduce you to the place." Death replied calmly as he drove into the tunnel from the featureless hill. These uncertain words, while riding in the pitch-black tunnel while the car’s suspension and insulation dulled out every bump and sound, gave a bilious sensation around Samuel’s spine.
For what seemed like an eon inside the hearse. Samuel finally got a firsthand look at the place he would be staying until further notice. It was exactly how he imagined the underworld to be. It was an abysmal inferno where Flames blazed at every corner while lava flowed in rivers. Even the screams of the tormented penetrated the hearses insulation. As the car stopped at its destination, two armed guards went towards the hearse and yanked Samuel out of his seat. When Samuel was forced out of the cabin, he felt the suffocating blast of 55-degree centigrade air as he was unwillingly carried over to the main complex, a brutalist prison that stretched for hectares.
It was a hard-edged reckoning for Samuel when he was forced to strip down and change into the standard-issue prison jumpsuit, shave his hair and spend most of his time in solitary confinement. He, along with countless other unsavory had to do grueling exercises, hard labor, and be subject to the most depraved torture known to man, repeatedly, often for 52 hours straight.
But despite the stressful yet tedious afterlife Hell's inmates had, they had some respite during sleep and lunchtime. Lunchtime was when 2 souls, 1 newcomer and one veteran, crossed paths in hell. During the cafeteria, when many other people were eating their daily meals. There was one particular man that caught Samuel's eye. Brown hair parted to the left, the prominent square mustache outlining the philtrum, those twinkling blue eyes that stared into one's soul. Adolf Hitler, the once feared and revered Nazi leader, whose territory stretched from France to Poland, had now only possessed his orange prison jumpsuit. A caged wolf that could howl and growl all he wanted, but whose potential attacks were neutered. What struck Samuel was not the sheer depravity of the so-called "embodiment of evil", but the banality of him.
Interested that such a personality would be there with him in the cafeteria, Samuel quietly walked down the lunch halls until he was behind the Fuhrer, and cleared his throat.
“You could have been one of the greatest leaders in history, revered by not only Germany but the world for empowering the defeated with your steadfastness and your rhetoric, too bad you burnt too many bridges.” Samuel declared.
Hitler, in the middle of gingerly chewing his carrots and brussels sprouts, decided to swallow his food and confront his fellow conversant. “I did what I did, if my country died, I would be prepared to die with it, maybe my vision of a puissant Germany would be fulfilled someday.”
Samuel decided to take a seat and gave eye contact with Hitler. "To give you some credit, you enacted some progressive anti-smoking policies and advocated for the accessibility of mobility. But with your antisemitism and tactical blunders, I'm not sure if many people would value you, save for a few skinheads."
“The victors will say everything they can to denigrate the vanquished. But the victors won’t admit that they were as brutish as what they claim the losers to be.” Hitler said
“Correct, the Anglophone Americans had successfully taken over the Americas from the Atlantic and Pacific, and they shoved their acts of ethnic cleansing under the rug. But consider your defeat as a victory, Germany’s reckoning had improved its society, it’s unfortunate America hasn’t had a similar reckoning with its past.”
"Speaking of America, I looked at America as a role model for my government, those western books that I read helped give me hope of the unknown and conquering it. America's westward expansion gave me the hope that the expansion of Germany could empower her. Even though Germany's empire-building days are long behind her. I wanted to use other ways to ensure that we were not defeated by the arbitrary whim of those who despise us."
“And look what happened, your country fell into ruins and in limbo for four decades, and most people want to forget you, but cannot, because they do not want to repeat your mistakes.”
“You considered discrimination as the main detractor of my policy. Well, isn’t it right to act affirmatively there is something that needs to be done? When your quarters are dirty, clean them up. That is what I wanted to do, clean our home of the malfeasance among us.”
"It wouldn't be a good idea to characterize everyone else as a "malfeasance", the Jewish, in particular, were responsible for many of the scientific advancements of Germany, but they all had to leave thanks to you."
"Well, others consider me as a nationalist, well I just wanted to let natural selection take its due. I used expansion to break down national barriers to allow nature to create its structure."
"It's not those common beliefs of Racial superiority are not incorrect, but rather incomplete. People, such as those of European descent, are complacent of nature's geographical advantages given to them, so when somebody else wants to enjoy the same fruits that bear for white people, the ones in power try to do everything they can to debase the other "races". But what entitled people fail to understand, is that the beauty of being human is that we can transcend our status quo and choose the lives we want to live, because we can learn. The only reason why Black Americans are still stuck on the bottom is that people aren't giving them ladders to move up. Who doesn't want to have their status quo broken if they benefit from it?"
Hitler looked up at the clock, “Lunchtime is about over, It’s hard to find intellectuals like you who are willing to converse, especially in this cesspit.”
"I agree too that hell isn't the best of places, even though we don't know how long we'll be staying here, it's good to make the most of it regardless." Samuel waved goodbye as the two went back to their routines.

Author’s note
Hello guys! Thank you for reading this story that I have written, I’ve taken a lot of time to consider the scenario and plan the story. My story was in response to Jojo Rabbit, I didn’t really like the exaggerated characterization of hitler in that movie, and in response I wanted to portray Hitler in a more accurate manner with my story. I was inspired by this video as a basis for my story. I used the information about Hitler stored in my mind from what I read to reconstruct Hitler’s character. Like the language of humor class, I intended this piece to entertain, but most importantly to educate. I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from this narrative as much as I have writing it.
Here’s the link to the works that I have consulted in order to bring this story to life.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gECQ1y ... sp=sharing
www.theatlantic.com/international/archi ... der404260/.

Further Reading
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Simms, Brendan. Hitler: a Global Biography. Basic Books, 2019.
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